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Tactics of the militants in an attack on a convoy ambush



The general principle of the attack.
In the mountains, the number one enemy to enemy – Our ground attack aircraft and helicopter gunships. Therefore to attack non-flying weather is chosen. At the time of the attack the enemy may include portable electronic warfare and radio to drown column. Headache hiking Zastava (GPP) skipped forward and cut off from the main forces (that's why the GEA should be very strong). In the very first column inciting, the third and final armored vehicles. This is done, to block column. Be sure to "immobilized" tanks (because the tank is not to lose the way). GPP then fettered forces separate enemy groups. Fire heavy tools ambush opponent primarily tries to hit dangerous targets for it in the following sequence: HEALTHY, tanks, BMP, BTR, communication vehicle, and only then – manpower. From the outset, the attack on the manpower working machine gunners and snipers. In this column carries unnecessary losses due to transportation of personnel under the tent, back to the enemy, on vulnerable and maladjusted trucks. Building tactics ambush. The tactics of attacking depends on the terrain, in which events occur. On a flat open terrain the enemy can act a large force, but he is afraid to maneuver armored, which moves quickly and the fire destroys targets at long distances. Besides the plain column can develop greater speed, thus much reducing its losses from the fire from the ambush.

Therefore, the enemy is trying to organize an ambush in the field, where the column is forced to slow down: in the mountain gorges, before tunnels and bridges, on the descents and ascents, in mountain villages (on the one hand - the gulf, on the other - a steep slope), in places where mountain mists, on the winding road sections, on the narrow and rough roads, before and after the road turns, road segments, where visibility is limited and where transport is lost from sight. Very convenient place for an ambush – on the slope before turning the road (or skate for rotation), when the car goes straight to the shooting or from. In this case, a moving machinery has almost no opponent for the lateral displacement, that makes it easier to defeat. In any case, the attackers to fire you must, to the column was sufficient to sweep the place and had beside him a natural shelter. Ambush can settle and so, that on the opposite side of the firing positions were clippings, steep slopes, water barriers, wetlands, to military personnel from the column had nowhere to escape. If there is no such relief on, on the other side of the road can be a mine-laying, gunners and snipers opponent. As soon as the column begins to "unravel" in hand, loss of her decline, that really do not like the enemy. Besides, for the enemy is very undesirable aggressive shift manpower columns on the offensive. Therefore often mined road curb, ambush and firing positions are established for natural impassable obstacles: breakages, water obstacles, etc., to advancing could not come close to the enemy's firing positions. Emplacements of enemy almost never found on the crests of the heights - the enemy was well projected on the background of the sky. They are located on the slopes, facing the road, in shaded areas or overgrown shrubs, in a heap of stones or under these heaps. Before such enemy positions on your part will be "naked" place, devoid of vegetation and other obstacles. It is either natural. or artificially cleared enemy attacks sector. In the mountains of Adventure, usually, make ambush in accordance with the instructions, accepted for reconnaissance in all armies of the world. Usually closer to the road is a group attack, significantly above it - a group of distraction and cover, which starts and tower fire and the beginning of the event attracts attention in an ambush. This enables attack group secretly maneuver and to cause sudden stabbing flank blows manpower column in a very unexpected moments. When the weather is good in the line of sight on the mountains, than on the plain, but in the valleys and gorges is thick atmospheric haze, morning and evening fog. Visibility with the worse. Therefore, when visibility is poor more likely to ambush the enemy's position is closer to the foot of the mountain, where the fog and the visibility is less than the best. When mists and low cloud cover opponent team may be positioned low and near the road. At the same time from a group to attack positions of the group cover and distraction can be left traces. In setting up the ambush the enemy necessarily calculates, where and on what roads to the column was ambushed could help advance, by what means and at what time. Therefore, typically 2-3 km from ambush enemy can set the screen with appropriate firing means or undermine the way to delay or destruction of the column, has nominated to the rescue of their. Usually, ambushes are not made at random, and based on accurate intelligence, (columns route, release time, number of soldiers, nature of the goods, etc.), obtained in various ways by the adversary. Constant output information, adherence and approaching enemy column receives from agents and observers with radios, exposed by the movement route (under the guise of villagers), or from observers, on passing by column auto-, motto- and cartage. Such observers are put "up the chain". They were much larger in the field of transport interchanges, at the intersection of roads and in areas with low line of sight. Features ambush in rocky labyrinths. Enemy firing points on the rocky heights, usually, arranged stacked - the ramp above and below each other. On the rocky slopes ready convenient location for the firing positions found little, so attackers prepared themselves in advance shelter, creating them out of heaps of stones. Firing points of the upper tiers of the long-range firing light weapons (antitank grenade launchers and machine guns) on distant targets or used to conduct capping and diversionary fire. Under cover of this fire attack group, discreetly located in the folds of the terrain or "zelenke" somewhere near the road, commits unexpected roll with capture prisoners, cargo and destruction of the personnel of the columns. Typically, the enemy tries in a narrow space rock labyrinth knock out the first and last car, this column and then stop shooting stationary targets. In the rocks, closely adjacent to each other, enemy shells column predominantly of normal caliber firearms, at least - from large-caliber machine guns and mounted grenade launchers (a weapon with a big weight difficult to manually transfer the mountains). Application enemy mortars 82 mm unlikely – heavy mortar, deliver it hard and long, install on an uneven rocky basis uncomfortable, shoot - inefficient. Loose mortar slab on rocky ground when shooting continuously jumps and knocks tip. Besides, at short distances tortuous labyrinth in rocky terrain mortar generally hardly applicable. In addition to the rock maze sector shelling small, so the "cover" fire only a small stretch of road. On the rocks, hard and uncomfortable to post positions for many fighters. The rock hard to hide from gunfire. Based on the above, in a rocky labyrinth opponent tries not to mess with a strong column. having strong headache camp outpost of several armored vehicles; the column, in which the self-propelled artillery (they are able to shoot almost vertically upwards, at large angles of elevation) are mixed with road, long column with, whose beginning was already hidden behind the mountain, and the tail has not appeared. The fire repelling an attack in a narrow sector of fire on a small stretch of road with the truck will always be SAU, that will fire just above the enemy firing points, finds himself haze of shots. Caused by exploding shells falling rocks will be covered shooting positions. Massed artillery and heavy machine guns from the bottom up, coupled with the existence of stone scree turns forwards to hell. Big and strong tower in the state without stopping to "throw" the forces, attacking positions ambush on foot from the bottom up, with the support of artillery fire. Therefore, the best, which can make the enemy, - it is knock out (undermine on a land mine) one or two units of transport and cut off the head of the camp outpost of the main forces of the column, then "disappear" in the mountains. On the more his strength is not enough. Features of setting an ambush in the mountains and forests. In this area there are no rocky labyrinths, greater field of fire and shooting distance. Therefore, there is a possibility of enemy artillery and mortar fire. In contrast to the rocky labyrinths, where the road is often the only, not one road may be in forested mountainous terrain and can be detours. In this area the enemy is easier to operate assault aviation. The forested mountainous terrain better passage of VHF radio waves (in rocky areas found, where VHF persist), soft ground, so the mining track is made easier, side of the road and the approaches to the enemy positions. The presence of "green stuff" increases the effectiveness of the action groups of enemy attack. ambush force in this small - they are generally 18-20 human, divided into threes: gunner, sniper, thrower (mortar). Emplacements are arranged in several heights tactically dominant 500-800 meters from the road. These positions are located so, that they overlap fire mortar individual winding road sections from section to section, – eventually blocked the road for a long distance. Stockpile for mortar beforehand, a few days, hours, secretly delivered to the position. Mortars also transported to the position just before the attack. Gathering fighters for promotion to the position made in the 5-7 km from the place of ambush. roadway, track is usually not mined, so as not to arouse suspicion, and that the column did not go another route. To do this, the enemy can even advance "significant" to undermine some of the road, these mines discovered and intelligence authorities sent a column on the right road, where it will wait for an ambush. If you plan on taking prisoners or cargo, attack group, zasevshaya a "brilliant green", It must be large. If you plan to simply destroy the column, attacking group plays a supporting role. In this case, its task is to shooting from a few rocket-propelled grenades the front and rear of transport units (desirable tanks) to stop and block column. Sometimes for the same purpose using landmines with radiopodryvom. The group attacks leaves and takes the mortar positions cover functions. Then the column is beginning to break up mortar. Living force spreading from the column. When, if installed on the roadside verges and mines, the men begin to be undermined by. They go back to the cars and try to hide them, but then fall prey to the machine gunners and snipers. Enemy mortars firing from covered positions and therefore inaccessible. So, a small force, the enemy can be held in place for a long time quite large columns and methodically destroy them.

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