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Overcoming water obstacles swim




In some cases, water obstacles to be overcome to swim using a variety of available tools. To cross by swimming the most suitable deepest parts of the river with a calm, smooth over. Place to land on the opposite side should be convenient, ie gentle, not swamped, ʙez navisajuщix, steep sections, with rare rastitelnostyu.Obnaruzhiv a place, you have to pass several upstream, making allowance for the inevitable demolition while crossing a stream pressure. Facilitate the crossing of various improvised boats.

Polyethylene piece, which wrapped up the dry grass, cane, bark, dry twigs, get a float, capable of supporting a person in the water. A float may be made from the sheet piece of the assembled unit, which is stacked clothes.

If travelers have a tarp sized cloak- tent, it becomes possible to make a float carrying capacity up to 50-70 kilograms. To do this, fold the cloth in half so, that the lower half was thirty centimeters longer than the upper. The elongated edge is wrapped and the resulting three-layer on one side part folded in three addition. Then in the thus obtained sheath lay buoyant material, shell ends tied knot and tightening the two top. For the greater strength of the float can be tied to two more times transversely. Swim with a float can be, lying on it. Of these floats can make a small raft. To this end the floats are tied to a wooden frame and suture knots up.

The finished shell for makeshift boats - backpack. It remains only to fill it with a variety of flotation material.

From a small piece of canvas, filled materials, having good buoyancy, get a life preserver.

The role of shell for manufacturing float, in a pinch, can play clothes. To this end, fastened all zippers and buttons, tied neck and sleeves. For the same purpose can be used and trousers. So, quite comfortable to sail, located between the leg, stuffed with reeds. clothing, stitched with waterproof materials, may in itself serve as a filler without the simplest watercraft. It is only necessary, removing it and straightened, all tie holes so, so that through them did not leave the air.

By making available means for crossing, you need to know, Such fillers, like straw, dry moss, cane, brushwood, grass, quite quickly become wet and significantly lose their lift for the past two hours. However, their initial capacity is quite high (one kilogram of dry. crowbars and cane holding up to three kilograms of cargo)

In those cases,, when the crossing is made on the river with fast *, over using primitive boats, and people are not confident in their abilities, better to insure each of the rope forwards, can pull its advance across a watercourse or cook below the crossing place on the river surface water snakes - a long rope with a float at the end of, to people, demolished stream, I could grasp insurance.

When crossing the river to swim in clothes need to pay attention to what, that human mass is not increased due to the water, that is typed in a suit and shoes. Therefore, before crossing it is necessary to undo the sleeves and collar, turn out his pockets; if on the feet boots, then it is better to remove, lay the strap, flipping through the shaft. Backpack fits as tightly as possible and firmly fastened.

Watercourse can overcome swim with the log. When a single beam crossing bow with his left hand and float, pushing down and raking with his right hand. It is more convenient to move across the river on a simple raft, made of a pair of short logs, interconnected. For the crossing of several persons tied to the log cross-poles, ends of the rope with knots on them to prevent slip of hands or a frame made of longitudinal and transverse poles, which placed people. Log, able to keep afloat four people, It should be long 5,5-6 meters and a diameter of 24-26 centimeters, if the tree is freshly cut, and 18-20, if it is dry.

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