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In order to determine the moment of opening fire on the attackers need to be taken into account first of all the possibility of replenishment of ammunition. The high efficiency of fire from small arms is achieved at much smaller distances, than specified in its technical descriptions. Therefore, to open fire on the enemy from a distance of a maximum range of effective fire weapons can only be a large supply of ammunition or when the possibility of freely replenish its. Otherwise there is a danger of falling into a situation of combat "to the removal of ammunition". If the replenishment of ammunition all right, then you can open fire from a distance of a maximum range of effective fire their weapons.

It is advisable to conduct concentrated fire on a "bunch per". If you have time before the fight, should identify areas of concentrated fire, coordinate the team for its opening on these sites, which will facilitate targeting during the battle. Note, that in order to improve the efficiency of concentrated fire advisable, the soldiers did not shoot all the time in one spot, and displaced the fire left and right. "A bunch per" – It does not necessarily mean a single point.

However, you need to remember about the possibility of false transfers of enemy artillery fire. When the artillery barrage attack infantry defender is either in bunkers, shtelyah, or podbrustvernyh niches. But with the transfer of artillery fire in depth defended position or with the termination of the Marines usually take their positions. At this point, the attacker can again unleash their fire. Sometimes cheating simulates infantry attack, to make exit from the enemy infantry hiding. And for, to re-unleash her artogon.

Therefore, if your opponent opportunities for transfers of artillery fire, defending infantry must hold their position only at the approach of the enemy infantry as close to the position defended, to enemy artillery fire could not renew, afraid to hit her as infantry (100-150 m). Too early an open flame can lead to unmasking their positions, and not to destroy the enemy.

Fire advisable to open by the closing in the walking group of enemy fire and then transfer by going ahead. So the opponent can not immediately find, that came under accurate fire.
Fire on intelligence and other small groups of the enemy should be opened with the reserve positions, so that the enemy was not able to locate the main defensive positions.
In the case of convergence with the attacking enemy defended position rifts, fire should be opened by the, who shoots, not tempted to run across the enemy soldiers, firing since it is very dangerous.

Be sure to remember, it is necessary to replace the sight as an enemy closer to their positions. Very often, the defending forget to do it, and the fire becomes ineffective.
It otrepetirovaty, each soldier must take its place, that in the chaos of battle, when a surprise attack, night, etc., everyone knew, where to run.

To facilitate the return instructions and transfer reports, shooting positions are desirably numbered or otherwise denoted, also – and communication trenches.
Before the counter-fire should be brought up to the highest voltages, that at least for some time to suppress the attacking firepower, enabling the soldiers to jump out of the trench (at this point the intensity of the fire of the defenders drops sharply, as the soldiers do not shoot, and move). It is also recommended to leave some, predefined, firepower on positions for fire support counter. Counterattack conducted by common signal, simultaneously. To implement a counter device at the trench should be planned outputs from it toward the enemy. If you manage to counterattack, it is not necessary to pursue him, better go back to their positions and to strike the enemy at long range.

Convenient tactic – clipping vanguard of attacking a smokescreen. In this case, the defenders can focus fire on these orders, without fear of retaliatory fire the other enemy units, as they will be blinded, Besides, smoke serves as a background, where the enemy is clearly seen.

In the preparation of the position are kindly requested to schedule line, at which the enemy should make a volley throwing grenades. It must be positioned to proactively, at a distance of about 20 meters from the middle distance throw grenades, with regard to its rolling after falling, as well as the ongoing movement of the enemy. A grenade in front of the advancing enemy may make him lie down and stop the attack.

Night shooting prone to fire above the target. This is due to several factors.
At night, the lower edge of the target merges with the ground, and therefore the middle of the target in the eyes of the shooter moves up.

If the day is often the shooter aiming at the feet of the enemy (firing the so-called "on heels" on sight unchanged installation in order to reduce the influence of errors in determining the distance to the enemy on the result of shooting), One night, he has to aim at the center of the target.

When the firing is conducted using tracer bullets, perception trajectory normal, no tracer, bullets, It is different from the actual trajectory of recent. Tracer bullets while flying burn out and lose weight, therefore, they are flying less and fall to the ground closer, than conventional bullets. Respectively, sheaf main trajectories extends above conventional bullets visible traces of tracer bullets.
Because of these factors shooter selects night aiming point not above objectives, than usual, in the afternoon, often forgetting, a, often, and not knowing, that this should make appropriate amendments. As a result - the bullets fly over the target.

Useless against firing into the air at night, slits are placed in trenches U-shaped limiters, constructed of materials at hand, eg, branches. At the same time in the barrel of the weapon can be pasted white stripes - so it is easier to determine the spatial position of the barrel at night. You can use the mini-tripod - three branches, interconnected in the middle, small bags filled with sand or folded clothes – as supports for firing.

Shooting below the target, "On heels", generally preferred, even during the day. Undershoot of the machine is "better" trip. The thing is, that the undershoot opponent sees fountains bullets and understands, that him being targeted. It is psychologically weighs more than, than mere awareness of the fact of firing the general direction of his position. In addition, the majority of people falling from the beginning of the shooting on the ground.
bounce, which will be obtained when undershoot also killed, as well as direct hits. Convenient to fire on Ricochet with the aim of defeating the enemy, who has taken refuge behind the car or an armored personnel carrier, through the ground clearance under the bottom of the machine. The only comment, bullet after hitting the ground due to its rotation is not directly fly, and at an angle to the plane of the shot, so when shooting on the trajectory of the bullets ricocheted less predictable.

Of course, fire at targets much better undershooting. When firing automatic fire at a remote distance range to the target and scope shall be regarded as certain, if part of the bullet falls ahead goal, and most of it behind. It means, the mean trajectory of bullets in the dispersion center of the ellipse passes through the figure of the approaching enemy. When firing at a point target (eg, Soldiers in the trenches) fountains number of bullets in front of and behind the target to be approximately the same.

If difficult to determine the place of bullets fall in the target area, then choose well the observed object in the target area (rapper), on it being targeted, and then transposing the fire with the specific range and setting a sight. Note, that the specification of settings for shooting using the frame of fire is very widely used in artillery. therefore, if the enemy artillery fires at one point, where there is nothing like, you still need to escape - shortly, adding a zeroing settings for shooting, the fire will be transferred directly to the position of the defenders.

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