military experts
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fighting tips

– Remember, bolsháya of the soldiers killed by improvised explosive device – watch your step.

– Keep in mind, that during the assault, man hunted, in a corner capable of self-explosion.

– first grenade, then you. No grenades, first and foremost (lumbago) doors, then turn into every corner and around that move, then go.

– Night is the most convenient time of day for scouts actions. At night, it is easier to sneak to the object, catch the enemy off guard, cause panic, to cover their tracks and to save power.

– At the sound of the battle first falls, then I think, with a through hole in his head to think hard.

– First, who saw a grenade, signals: "The grenade case (left, in front, behind)»

– Constantly aware of the danger, Do not forget about the "sixth sense" and listen carefully to their feelings.

– boxes, doors do not open, electronics not included. Do not touch anything. Everything can be mined.
Any discovery (lying on the ground arms, store ammunition, etc.. d.) It can be mined. Often also mined body, to undermine the, who wants to remove them.

– long shoot, without changing position - a bad idea.

– Take care of your rifle, as a pupil of the eye, so that it is constantly maintained accuracy battlefield and did not deny the right time.

– fry – otpolzi, as the enemy sees the place of disappearance and apparent purpose fires it first or at least aim and waiting.

– every road, on which quietly went yesterday, It can now be taken by the sight sniper or mined.

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