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Učebka: Tactics units in the fight against rebels



Actions units at the location on the site and in the organization of the protection of the main routes

When placing the units on the site, you need to arrange a direct and secure outposts, patrolling the area of ​​the commandant and service.

Close protection, to carry out the field of the guard with setting the required number of paired billeted. Posts should have a well-camouflaged trenches and shelters.

Outposts put at such a distance from the unit's location, to exclude the possibility of exposure to a rifle .c machine-gun fire from the rebels. In the first place it should occupy the commanding heights of the surrounding, expose secrets and ambush.

At night and in the fog to enhance surveillance and Saving.

Patrolling the location of the area to carry out patrol outfit headed by an officer on the armored vehicle, successively replacing one another observation point.

At night, the area, adjacent to the area of ​​the location should be illuminated by searchlights, headlights, missiles and mines are mined signal.

terrain, adjacent to a reference point (Temporary field town), at night should be illuminated, Why it is advisable to use APM-90, IR lights BMP and BTR, after removing them from the IR filters. A IR lights BTR, Besides, it is advisable to fasten the casing gun barrel KPVT. They can also be used flares.

Vnakladku other obstacles along the perimeter of the reference points required to signal the mines should be applied.

The duration of the training sessions, daily physical hours, political education work and watching movies is necessary to strengthen the elements of outposts, composition of reserve duty at the camp, light-duty firepower.

Check service intracamp patrols and staff on duty at the camp outposts should exercise, usually, on armored vehicles with the regular crew and troops. Service of these persons should be checked at least twice at night and once in the afternoon. Communication with elements outposts,

PPC, unit commanders over wired media and radio to maintain round the clock.

Commandant service organized by exhibiting at the main checkpoint 0 approaches to the area of ​​the, with the assistance of the military police and the Afghan army.

In the event of a sudden attack of the rebels should be developed a detailed action plan for the personnel of the units and foresees training sessions on its implementation of tactical and ceremonial method.

Daily units necessary to carry out a crew, determine the place in order of battle each soldier. Crew advisable to finish training by occupation firing positions.

observation posts Locations, secrets, ambushes must be changed periodically. Change of personnel at the posts to make at different times, not to disclose it to the enemy.



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