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Action in pairs - the basis of combat coordination…

For the best interaction, mutual control and mutual, and to facilitate the control unit as a whole group split into pairs or threes. Fighters in pairs or threes (then simply pairs) They are in close contact with each other, They are always within line of sight and support voice communication. They should regularly monitor their comrades on the principle of "everyone is responsible for everyone". To effectively operate such pairs and had a high level of understanding, necessary to form them in advance, still in the process of preparation. In this way, in men will develop not only friendships, but also a sense of understanding and foresight fellow actions. When the pair of joint training will go the exchange of experiences and develop a common strategy of action, even develop their language of communication. The same system, eg, acts in the French Foreign Legion, where military personnel are divided into pairs (binomials). However, snipers, Heavies, grenade throwers, etc.. and so operate in pairs in a normal manner.

It is also important interactions between pairs. If implemented in the course of the assault kakihlibo movement for safety reasons, to organize mutual protection. One group covers, second - makes the maneuver. And vice versa.

Infantry movement produced a short throw from cover to cover. Between fighters and groups at movement must always maintain a distance of four to seven meters. Even in the absence of the enemy's fire fighters should be careful not to stay in the open areas for more than two or three seconds,. Inspection of potentially dangerous areas (window, lofts, prolomov) It must be continuous.
Main cover units carry Heavies, snipers and grenade throwers. And the Gunners can conduct a "disturbing" fire on suspicious places, in which the enemy may be. Snipers and grenade throwers same firing on identified enemy positions. After passing the progressive divisions of the next turn is fixed to the engaged position and provides covering band approach, which is tightened to new positions.
When foot units moving along the streets of the order as a cover used armored vehicles. Between infantry combat vehicles and distance to be maintained and eliminated ridging. The infantry moving along the walls, distributing the pre-control of all areas, especially the opposite side of the street. In this way, when driving on streets with tall buildings, two foot tower control environment of each other.
The movement of the columns only on the streets is the wrong tactic, which, likely, lead units to large losses, or even the complete destruction. Advancing with gaps in combat formations allows the defender to go to the rear and the flanks of the advancing and deliver effective blows on them. In this case it breaks the whole strategy of attack, which turns into a chaotic battle, which is difficult to manage. Entrenched in the houses defending receive positional advantage, and troops, Caught in the street, will be at a disadvantage. They will shoot at the top and throwing hand grenades. Besides, we should not forget about the dangers of mining streets.
To maintain a single line of attack adjacent units should be between a permanent connection and coordinate their actions. The audited buildings left guard.



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