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Basic principles of tactics

Examining one danger area, arrow-single back often for other hazardous zones. Because the general rule is: avoid combing (stripping) by oneself.

In an extreme case,, when he had still to go it alone, There are a number of tactical principles, which will minimize opasnost.Zapomnite, that need to be weighed as the rate of fire of the complexity of the task, so it is necessary to adjust the level of haste and aggressive actions in view of the tactical situation, where you were. Regardless of the type of the forthcoming inspection of premises following the proposed rules will help to spend it efficiently and bezopasno.Zametim, that these principles are for a single search, and for the group.

1)Mobilize senses to detect signs of goals. First of all you will rely on their eyesight and hearing.
But not only. Smell and touch are also able to provide key information about the location of the enemy.

Signs objective covers all the, which indicates the presence of the enemy. Symptoms often appear in a blaze, motion, sound, latches, form, visual contrast, direct and indirect tracks. It is quite obvious signs such, as, eg, the sound of stealthy steps on the creaky wooden floor, reflection on polished surfaces, a shadow on the floor or wall, looking out of the corner of the gun barrel.

Other less visible: sound tissue rubbing against the surface of the wall or smells. It's hard not to smell the smoker, the smell of rifle grease, cologne, the human body and other, which can alert you to the presence of the enemy.

Especially when viewed from close quarters you can even catch heat, emanating from your body invisible enemy. These and similar subtle and quite easy to notice clear signs, if you pay attention to them. Very often, they will help you to reveal the secret hideout of the criminal. They indicate the presence of danger, which is trying to be noticed by you and, perhaps, waiting for the right moment to attack.

2)No signs of self-prisutstviya.Pytayas identify signs of potential target, do your best, that does not detect their presence, not to betray its location. Inspection of the building in order to identify the perpetrator - it's 50% hunting and 50% Take steps to ensure, that most do not become a prey. And because the main rule - stealth action. Unless the situation requires your most decisive intervention, proceed slowly, carefully and methodically. Keep calm, Move around the house with all the precautions, gradually solve each appear in your tactical problem. If accidentally produce some noise, stop, look into the surrounding, listen and move on until, than a minute.

3)Do not apply, that somewhere there is no danger, until you make the final. Do not give your own explanation of unusual phenomena, check, to know for sure. Remember: or certain, or dead.

4)Minimize own vulnerability to the potential hazard sources, keep them at a maximum distance. So far as the layout of the premises or territory, Stay as far away from the corners, and any other objects, space behind which is not visible. Do not let the barrel of his weapon or toe shoes issued for such barriers. Otherwise, you can not only give your location and intentions, but the weapon can just snatch you from the hands of.

5)Move tactically. When switching from one problem to another stay in balance. Keep your arms so, so that you can immediately open fire with the appearance of any threat. The goal of every tactical maneuver - the direction of the barrel on the potential danger zone as we approach them. Follow the principle of "three eyes". It means, that the weapons should be directed to, where your gaze is directed. Wherever the eyes look, them pursues the fly at the end of the barrel. Keep the arms in the position of readiness in shooting, or "on-hunting", So, that does not obstruct the review. In overcoming the open spaces make it fast, but not running, except for those situations, when you were under fire. Move nimble step and slow it only on the approach to a particular dangerous zone. At these moments, avoid cross step, because then the same can not respond quickly to a threat from any direction.

6)When it comes time to open fire, Refer to the basics of marksmanship. Jokingly called "three secrets": guidance, aiming, shot. These "secrets" will allow you to inflict on the enemy fast and effective impact in minimum time, that is before, than the opponent will do the same for you. Remember, it makes no sense to miss even faster. It is impossible to miss so rapidly, to win the duel. If you can not hit the target at the first request, no tactics will not save you.

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