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Aggression and violence in combat. Aggression and violent behavior

Speaking about the concepts of aggression and aggression, we must understand one point. The thing is, that the concept of aggression, no one really can not explain. That is, there are about a dozen definitions of the concept, and each looks convincing and relevant. That, in principle, not even a millimeter closer to understanding, that such aggression.

In social terms, it's much easier. "Aggression" - a term with the color uniquely negative, and it means something incomprehensible to anyone, but definitely not a good.

therefore, talking about this phenomenon in our context, will have on the one hand to move at all from attempting to dismantle the notion of aggression. On the other hand, push it several definitions, that would somehow justify the existence of.

But we'll start, perhaps, very important point. Despite, what, as we have said above, public attitudes towards the concept of aggression is very negative, nothing wrong there is no.

Aggression - is a complex of aspects such as aggressiveness (divided by the internal state and symptoms) and aggressive behavior. AND, basically, nor is, nor in the other there is no negative.

Whatever did not lead to a definition of aggression, but its essence is not that, that would cause harm to others, and in that, that would achieve their goals at any cost (including, if necessary, and resorting to force). I.e, eg, the psychological pressure, expressed by body language - it is also the aggressiveness. But this does not mean nifiga, you look and posture incinerate and put down opponent to complete destruction. In fact, insistence on upholding his opinion - it is too aggressive. But this does not lead to self-harm.

Aggressiveness - it is a natural human characteristic. And more, that it is constantly present. Expressed in aggressive situations, when a person in any way to defend their interests (life, too, is interested, eslicho).

But reasoning in this context, aggression - it is always some degree of violence against others or oneself. Finally, bring myself to cross the sweep area can be different:

from "Gather, rag!» (aggression, directed against itself)
to "Right now change position - and you fucked!!» (aggression, directed towards the enemy).

All this is accompanied by certain internal and external manifestations, which in principle are non-specific, For as long as we all have the same organisms with common principles of, Nothing new to be expected. I.e, eg, everyone will be produced in exactly the same adrenaline (but equally - not to, that in the same volume), and depending on its volume will occur (or does not occur) physiological reaction.

Here again we are confronted with our favorite stress (and without it, in such cases anywhere), because the final aggression and aggressive behavior - a reaction to a stressful situation. And violent behavior in this case is an attempt to eliminate the source of stress, and thereby eliminate it.

And here sits a very important point, associated with rigor. What makes the situation more stressful, the more firmly do we react to it. The harder we react to it, all the more crucial for the moment, we have become an efficient solution to this situation,, wherein the maximum efficiency. That is not enough to just two shots in the chest with the enemy, and to ensure that he fell. You need to peel it until, until it is no longer move (we talked about in the previous section). Yes, Of course the effectiveness largely depends on the level of skill, that people will use to eliminate stress. That is the very skill, which will be implemented in the framework of aggressive behavior. Yet again, back to the previous chapter, much depends on the skill level and experience of the volume to resolve the situation, and lower than this level, the more severe will this very resolution.

But by itself the aggression is not directly related to violence. By and large,, Stress triggers a mechanism in our, first charge for the formation of the internal state of aggressive (the release of adrenaline in the blood, and the accompanying psychological cheat), and then external (clenched fists, clenched teeth, direct view of the sea, slow waves are not the, that the rails in two rows). And this, by the way, largely built as a rack and movements in martial arts / systems, and in marksmanship.

Look at the man, which is preparing to fight (We are talking about the normal person, instead of maniacs, who rush into battle from externally relaxed state). or human, who works at the shooting range (eg, moves on small route). In many ways, his attitude towards others read from his movements.
If you've seen the work of competent assault group in the room (in a confined space such things are better seen, extra details not distract), the process approach and the ready for the assault can be described quite emotionally. This gives a direct association with something implacable and unstoppable. And at this moment the state of the fighters will be approximately the same, because their task is to input, and the most tough and aggressive suppression and destruction of the enemy.

Here the important thing is not to think, that we are talking about some kind of psychological impact and suppression of enemy, like "visual match" in boxers before a fight. Nothing like this. That's when someone psychologically suppress and destroy terrorist, hijacking hostage, That's when it will be possible to speak seriously. But in this case,, we are talking about the formation of the internal state through external mechanics. That is the person, which is preparing to roll. not important, just to cross the sweep area, just from cover to cover, or through the door / window "to visit", no matter how professional he was not, themselves in varying degrees, winds. The strength of the wrapping depends on, how this situation is stressful for him (but in fact - new). And here arises the second time due to cruelty.

Human, who has little experience, are more likely to show violence against the enemy, by virtue of, that he either does not know, or not fully confident, that the extent to which you can do through the neutralization and / or destruction of the enemy. here, by the way, and come from a broken arm when trying to fasten a detainee in handcuffs. With minimal resistance, young employee perceives it as something out of the ordinary and starts to try with all the dope. The same applies to the destruction of the enemy (this we also discussed in the previous section). When a person, seeing jerky movements (but still stranded coaching, that all the enemies in flak jackets) firing into the body, although it has only spasmodically twitching and muscle simply indulges reflection.

Of course, in addition to experience, there is also the, how quickly the transition from the escalation of the internal state directly to aggressive behavior. So, eg, if the process of internal escalation was completely and began to fade, and then to work, then the probability of very strong aggressive behavior (and with it, and cruelty) decreases. Because the stress level is reduced, by virtue of, that man went through a bunch of options for action, I choose the most promising (from his point of view) and now it has been working quite calmly. And if the situation demanded a transition to action suddenly, the stress level was breaking into the stratosphere, taking any and all plans and thoughts, and as a result - aggressive behavior becomes less controllable (that is based more on reflexes). And that's likely the very unconscious cruelty, caused by the rapid escalation of stress, point upwards, trying to catch up with the level of stress. The same thing happens in a situation, when there is an infringement of plans.

As seen, the thing is magic bubbles in, what level of stress a person experiences. Well, naturally, it is not so much about, that a person experiences at the level of understanding, and the physiological response to the hormone output. And, yet again, the less human experience, the stronger will be the release of (because almost every new situation). And the more experience, the more difficult it will be the man to "surprise". Although if you can, hormones will not be much less, than in the case of inexperienced (People with more experience, especially the model, strongly react to change, which has never happened before, and which changes the situation and the picture of the world).

What are the implications of all this can be done? Well, the most usual for me - about the need for a variety of stress training, the need to improve tactics and individual skills of gun ownership (any, from himself loved, to the gun). Well, of course, About, to ensure the highest possible, in the preparation and the training process, experience, to try (just try, More still will not work) minimize the impact of stress on fighter, and correspondingly, to do so would his aggressiveness and aggressive behavior have become more manageable.



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5 years ago

“Right now change position – and you fucked…” Very clear!

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