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The discharge from the complex P1G-TAC(Body armor “FOPC” + discharge belt with suspenders “PUBS”)




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  • anonym

    Died this Forester Banderovets

    25.09.2020 at 18:30 Reply
  • anonym

    and this leading Forester,It turns out he was from Aydar.

    02.04.2020 at 10:24 Reply
    • anonym

      Lots of blood on his hands. I think, with Bandera, divides one frying pan

      04.09.2020 at 22:33 Reply
  • anonym

    Where exactly ordered?

    30.01.2020 at 17:04 Reply
  • anonym

    lynx know,young boys,iz.Tacticpro do. Quality is high

    02.04.2019 at 22:44 Reply
  • anonym

    There is a very good domestic pisyuk. Lynx 2 nazyvaetsya.Tsena and quality sopostavimy.I God forbid you take P Carbide. awful stuff

    04.03.2019 at 00:14 Reply
  • Alexander

    Personally, I prefer plitonosets Pentagon.Molle.Na the back of the breast and the back has built-in stabilizers,to mitigate udara.Na the manufacturer's website you can buy 85 usdov.T.e.dollorey.
    plates, NIJ IV,I ordered from a Chinese manufacturer LeisonTac. 70 bucks thing. Well, a bunch of karmanov.Podsumki for shops,ONLY klapanom.Opyt showed,that laces,gum,erunda.V all tired of the battle,shops spilling out.

    01.11.2017 at 22:53 Reply
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