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ЧВК Patriot Group International Inc. (USA)

Patriot group

The company became well-known after the publication of the material in the media and a couple of high-profile contracts. AT 2015 year revenues amounted to 33 million dollars. The company has experience in 15 countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Djibouti, Ghana, on four continents, If you believe the information on sayte.Osnovnye customers - the Pentagon and the US intelligence agencies. The main task - the protection of objects and VIPs in hot spots, training of local military, US military training, demining. The number of employees - about 200 human. Head office - in 50 miles outside Washington. losses - 1 people killed in 2014 year (presumably during the attack, "Al-Shabab" in Somalia near the Mogadishu airport).

Formally, the company with that name has been registered in 2004 year, but the real work only started in 2010 year, when veteran Greg Craddock and his two colleagues took the risk, PGI bought on his own money, and two years were in a state of bankruptcy, while on his old military ties could not get first brought real money contract.

ЧВК Patriot Group International (США)

ЧВК Patriot Group International (USA)


ЧВК Patriot Group International. A soldier of one of the US special forces passed Advanced Course marksmanship (AMC) peacekeeping in the national training center (PNTC) near Washington DC.

The company's management told journalists episodes of its history. The number of contracts over the years, eg, protection of US presidential candidate, subcontracted by the Pentagon for one million dollars to support the special unit, engaged in the fight against "asymmetric operations" enemy, analysis of the geopolitical risk to global food company, training diplomats conduct during clashes in urban settings, cine training crews before trips in hazardous areas, protection of buildings in Washington commissioned by intelligence agencies, and more.
Greg, one side, - normal gendir. He needs to get big clients, to monitor the situation on the market, to hire the best candidates, increase profits, to work on the problems of the company's growth, be aware of the geopolitical trends. On the other hand, he has his own world, where employees are armed, They are in war zones, pay for the mistakes of life, Stress can affect humans in any form, control of the situation at times practically impossible. Greg about his company says so: "Small business - it is a beast, that never sleeps. He demands your attention and the middle of the night. In business, the war never ends'. When employees are killed, it becomes part of the personal cargo Greg, who took the decision to send a person to a particular contract.

Patriot Group International (USA). In the center with a sign – CEO and founder of PGI Greg Craddock (Greg Craddock), him 46 years. AT 1994 he became an army ranger. He worked in Afghanistan. Then there was Iraq. Greg worked for small PMCs, until he decided to establish his own. On three of his former sergeant and another friend, a Marine sniper, they collected 200 thousand dollars and bought PGI.

Greg 46 years, he grew up in Virginia, father was a teacher, mother worked on the radio. Himself Greg loved football and played as a team in college. AT 1992 he went to the army for patriotic reasons and from a desire "to be part of something bigger". AT 1994 he became an army ranger. Sergeant, which he commanded, by the way, now his business partner. After five years in the army, Greg tried to get in federal law enforcement agencies, but it was no use. He earned a social counselor at the school and a trainee manager in the company redesign houses, until a friend had not organized his interviews with unnamed power unit. Three months after the attacks 9/11 Greg was already in Afghanistan. Then there was Iraq. Its disappointing trip. He understood, that many things are contracted experienced people can make much more efficient. Greg worked for small PMCs, until he decided to establish his own. On three of his former sergeant and another friend, a Marine sniper, they collected 200 thousand dollars and bought PGI, which did not conduct real activity, who had no contract, but which had a license.

ЧВК Patriot Group International. Barracks for the employees of anti-drug unit in Afghanistan. built in 2012 g. with the support of Northrop Grumman Corporation (CША).

Things went from bad to worse. One of the failures - almost signed a contract for the use of mine detection dogs. On the money raised PGI 10 specialized dogs, but none of them was able to sniff out explosives in the test run. It looked like this shameful business. Another failure turned contract for protection of Newt Gingrich, US presidential candidate. One of the security guards of the company Greg, performing their duties and protecting the client, at the polling station broke his foot too ardent supporters of rival Gingrich. It was filed, his court rejected, but Greg learned his lesson and has since kept away from politicians and election campaigns. As a result of the bank declined to PGI. Everything went into bankruptcy. Greg pulled his pension, sergeant climbed in their last savings. AT 2012 Yet, they received a contract from the intelligence community and have earned for the year 800 one thousand dollars. AT 2013 the company earned 23 million and was recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in the US. AT 2014 PGI year became partners known PMCs Chenega Security & Support Solutions (CS3), which works with the US Department of State. A few days ago, these partners have become one of the seven companies, which won contracts at the State Department 10,2 billion dollars for five years. A month earlier PGI has become one of 15 companies, who received contracts 975 millions of dollars to support the counter-narcotics operations.

This business is full of his professional quirks and moments of pure luck or failure. AT 2013 Greg, the company received a portion of the subcontract for training anti-narcotics agents. The objective was to provide the basics of tracking drug lords air agents. During one of the lessons at the airbase near Kabul in January 2015 , the Taliban, disguised as Afghan army, shelled class. Greg lucky, because then none of his company died, but during the attack killed three American contractor of other PMCs. The next time his company's employees of the bank to block the card, because he was in Libya. Or other employee 10 hours running around somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Nigeria without maps, and here he still passed out and GPS.

CEO and founder of Patriot Group International Greg Craddock (Greg Craddock) Colonel Roger Donlon (Roger Hugh Charles Donlon), known for, the first received a medal “for Bravery” Vietnam.

Today, the company aims to obtain contracts directly and move away from subcontracting. business grew, It has built up a reputation, it is necessary to develop further.

it happens, that employees earn up to five thousand dollars a week on the contracts, which last from six weeks to six months. And then they sit without pay until the next contract. Greg offers its employees good health insurance and insurance in case of disability. Fatalities contractors do not come home to wrapped in a US flag coffins. They were buried without public honors. But Greg says to himself, that the staff - grown professionally trained people, who consciously make choices, take risks and assume responsibility for their actions. In war, killed. This is - a serious business.

ЧВК Patriot Group International. A gift from the company Flags of Valor

One of the instructors of the company PGI totals: the world is full of defenseless sheep, that morally better, than to be a wolf. But the sheep prefer to believe, that there is no evil in the world, and they will not be able to resist evil, even if it shows up on their doorstep. That's why there is a need in the Shepherds.

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