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Soldiers and commanders of government forces are obliged to develop its preventive unit readiness for such boekontaktam. We need to know their own weaknesses and eliminate them. Need to know, what to do if it enters into an ambush, and to be trained to do so the forces fighting kollektiva.Tolko it possible to negate the effect of surprise guerrilla attacks, avoid division in the general state of shock and with the first seconds of the clashes "include" a collective mechanism for the organized and aggressive counter-offensive and suppression.
To do this, you first need to know the theory of building a guerrilla ambush, and to anticipate, where and under what conditions is most likely to clash.

setting an ambush tactics always depends on the specific terrain relief. Deeply convinced partisans, all, that he was going on the road and can be stopped, It should belong to the guerrillas. And so they are always and at all times there is ambushed, where transport on road conditions is forced to slow down, - on winding, narrow and uneven road sections, there, where the road runs in a deep recess, in areas with visibility, Limited rough relief, there, where transportation of the column is lost out of sight.
For the same purpose ambush advantageous to equip in the winding mountain gorges and canyons, as well as in the field of permanent accumulation of mountain fog.
For the same reasons, the ambush is very convenient to arrange on the corners and intersections of streets settlements, as a mountain, and the plain, where you can create a "cap" and it is impossible to turn around. The fire at the same time opens unexpectedly from the windows of all floors, doors and various loopholes, disguised "valves" under the background area. And at first it produced both "stunning" salvo Transport, carrying manpower.
Ambush is advantageous to arrange on uphill or downhill, before turning the road and before the tunnel.
Ambushed a prime location so, that from its fire had nowhere to go, and there, where in an ambush can not back down, spread out or turn in order of battle - to the opposite side of the firing positions were water obstacles, breakages, the abyss, marshes, etc.. d. Or on bends, where on the one hand rests on the road in the woods, croutons skate, and on the other - is dropped into a ravine, breakage, etc..
Successful ambush in the area, closed on all sides, or at least one. Arrange ambushes on closed curves, Brody, tesninah, riverbeds, ravines, deep ditch, pits. Effective ambush at various fashion shows, dams, dambakh, gatyah, Brody.
If the natural limitations to maneuver in an ambush little or no, is to suppress the freedom of the targeted actions column on the other side of the road and are settling camouflaged positions gunner, sniper or equipped with mine-laying.
Striker for firing is very important, to vehicles on the road were to sweep the place and did not have a shelter near you. Such sites have a mountain serpentines, where on the one hand steep rock, and on the other - the gulf. In this portion may be L-shaped bend in the road near a hill or S-shaped bend in the road between the heights. In such a place visible located in wait the whole column at once, and it is possible to simultaneously fire its head and tail. In both cases the transport is moving right on shooting or from them, and is a target, almost stationary, which does not move in the direction of the arrow.
Very successful ambush of the bridge during the movement of the column - the first machine, barely passed the bridge, tamp, and later her stop on the bridge and are stationary targets.
For attackers profitable ambush in places, where the terrain or landscape changes dramatically, for example at the entrance or inlet to the maze rocky, at the entrance or exit of the gorge (the narrows), at the exit from the forest into the clearing, and vice versa, after rotation of the road, at the exit of the tunnel. In addressing the changes in the course of such landscape man's attention naturally shifted to them, and for this reason the effect of surprise attack is a more deafening.
All are carefully planned ambush. Usually ambush consists of subgroups Alerts, which tells about the column approaching, one or more groups of attack, directly gripping the objects and objectives in a column, and subgroups fire cover for the distraction of the column forces and to ensure their waste after the implementation of the action. There are other options, depending on the specific tasks and conditions on the ground.
More or less flat and open terrain guerrillas to maneuver a larger force, but they are afraid to maneuver government armored vehicles, which in this area can move quickly and fire destroy targets at long ranges. Besides the plain column can develop greater speed, thus much reducing its losses from the fire from the ambush.
When circular wait for fire stopping column opens on one side. The weight of the stopped convoy attention switches to repel an attack on that side. Wherein, naturally, soldiers from the column hiding behind cars, tanks and armored personnel carriers. Then unexpectedly prepared by the fire in the back, which previously seemed safe.
In accordance with the instructions for subversive practice, which is almost the same in all armies of the world, guerrillas did their best to protect themselves from a counter attack. For this purpose they are undermining both roadside, and possible ways of occurrence of the targeted column. Before firing position can be natural or artificial barriers.

Fire partisan position will always be discreetly positioned and camouflaged - in shaded areas, in the bush, among heaps of stones. It must be remembered, that the enemy never put positions on the height of the crest - where he will be clearly visible against the sky. Position for the column of fire, usually, fitted on the slopes, facing the road. Before firing position snipers and machine gunners necessarily be cleared (naked) shelling sector - is one of the signs, to which "binds" martial foresight observers in the column for the prediction of foreign attack.
In the mountainous and forested mountainous terrain guerrilla ambush developing are in accordance with the same subversive instructions. Usually close to the road, in the folds of the terrain, bush, Pile of stones and other natural (or artificial) shelters are located subgroups (groups) attack, subgroups taking prisoners, subgroup theft equipment and other, the intended task of partisans. Significantly higher than the slope located subgroups (groups) distraction and fire cover, consisting of snipers and machine gunners. these subgroups (or group) at the beginning of the event a massive open fire at the passing convoy. The goal - to stop the column, draw attention to themselves in an ambush, and "orient" the direction of return fire from the column. Taking all these, and confusion has arisen and temporary loss of command and control in a column, attack group causes sudden and unexpected stabbing blows from the flanks and on vulnerable places. attack group will not necessarily be located on the part of the group cover (in the case of one-sided ambush) and not necessarily on the other side of the road, shooting soldiers in the back of the column, who are hiding behind the cars from the machine-gun fire from above (in the case of circular ambush). Group (groups) napaleny be there, where it will be for shelter.
In the mountains and forested mountainous terrain with good weather and clear visibility in the gorges, lowlands, Dell and some other places there are local concentrations of mists, as well as a dense haze, Obscurations. With such poor visibility, the enemy tends to arrange the ambush on the boundaries of good and poor visibility or in the gaps between the sections of poor visibility, usually closer to the foot of the mountain, where visibility is better. At low fog and low cloud cover enemy group can not be located above the lower edge of cloudiness and, respectively, close to the road. Thus from the road may be traces, left guerrillas from the lower position (attack) to the top (cover).
In places with different terrain ambush developing are different. The rock labyrinth emplacements cover groups, according to the tactics of defensive battle, It will be located on the slopes of stacked. Usually, emplacements are arranged at the road side on the slope below the ridge height and very rarely - the crest, if because of the complexity of the relief position have nowhere else to equip.
On the rocks for shelter firing positions can be built only from a heap of stones. Such cover is difficult to disguise, and so they are easily recognized as observers from the column when viewed from a moving vehicle, reconnaissance and counterinsurgency.
The most dangerous emplacements are settling in caves, grottoes, natural cracks and crevices, are difficult viewed from the road. The fire of these places is not determined from the column, the sound of a muffled firing, and it seems, that shoot from afar.

Usually on the upper tiers of rock labyrinths are normal positions ranged weapon calibres - machine guns and sniper rifles, at least - heavy machine guns and mounted grenade launchers. Of these weapons in general is awkward to shoot from the top down, it is heavy and hard to lift the rocks.
Application adversary 82mm mortar also unlikely. Mortar hard to deliver, and it is inconvenient to install on a rocky terrain tilted for shooting from the top down. For short distances and limited visibility tortuous labyrinth in many cases do not apply mortar. The use of more or less heavy arms at an attack in rock labyrinth limited small sectors shelling, which make it possible to cover the fire, only small sections of the road.
Typically, the enemy tries in a narrow space rock labyrinth knock out the first and last of the machine or stop the convoy by the collapse of rock. Then on top of stationary targets are shot, and under the cover and distraction of the fire attack group, discreetly located in a rocky jumble near the road (or in "wintergreen"), make a surprise attack roll to capture cargo, prisoners or destruction of manpower.
However, on the cliffs there is no place for comfortable placement of a large number of guerrilla fighters. The rock hard to hide from retaliatory fire SAU and mortars, that can shoot almost vertically upwards, at large angles of elevation.
The rock labyrinth of the road, usually, only one. Attack aircraft have nowhere to turn. In such places often, than anywhere else in the mountains, there are no passing zone VHF radio waves. Therefore, in an ambush would have to rely only on themselves. Artillery and mortar fire from the column always being slightly above the fire weapons, who finds himself haze of shots. Kamnepad, induced slug breaks, will cover shooting position from top to bottom.
This stone scree, along with fire heavy machine guns from the bottom makes the existence of the attackers to hell. The success of the attack would determine the attacker leap manpower group partisan attacks, Tucked away in a natural shelters near the road close to the targeted column.
martial events in the outcome of such cases depends on a properly executed protivozasadnogo the column maneuver (cm. Further), preemptive strike grenades and sheathe combat training. Fight is usually done over short distances, often "point-blank", with the transition of the melee.
The forested mountainous terrain, where relief is dominated by hills, survey of more, respectively increased shelling and firing range sector. Under these conditions, use may partisans mortar and artillery systems, as well as heavy machine guns and snipers. The soil is softer, however partisans easier undermining web and roadside, as well as the path from the road to their positions. The presence of bushes greatly improves the effectiveness of the subgroup on the convoy attack.

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