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224000 shots of 12 days

so, what will happen with a bunch of AR-15, AK-shaped, and a variety of pistols if to pull it all to landfill, on 12 days and take nearly a quarter of a million rounds of ammunition? Yes, anything can happen! Generally, We took 22 man, trainers and doctors, just in case. This is not some kind of semi-advertising “on the vitality test”, We really tried to recreate the most worthless condition occurring at times. And even if it is not the most severe conditions for ligament “shooter-gun”, it certainly could not call them “sterile”.

Kalashnikovs - 224000 shots of 12 days
We decided to settle on a shooting range in Tennessee, in the spring. conditions here – close to the jungle. Rain was almost 10 days of 12. So in the mud baths was no shortage, the mud was everywhere. Each student was covered with it the end of the day from head to toe. It covers the stores and weapons evenly. So to find and track the inside thereof,, the most giblets. And this is where the fun begins.
Before we delve into the details, I say something. Likely, less 5% people ever buy weapons and snaryagu tortured them in full. Most of them – little reliable friend, but breaks – all.

“My rifle wedge!” students will complain. “Continue to fire!” – I will answer him, and explain – as. The main aim of the course – teach people how to act, when things are really bad. Even with a dead weapon there is always something to do – Throw hranatы, drags the wounded and provide them with first aid, raise another weapon, finally. The fact that the rifle in your hands refused – This is not the end.
“This has never happened” – students say. “Really? Have you ever planted on 1000+ rounds per day, the pouring rain, so that the forearm is ready to melt, settling mud snugly in depth in the bath 15 cm?” – I ask. As you might imagine – most of them will say, “no”. Those who got into such a situation – He knows what to expect. Such a trifle – Velcro Velcro does not work when dirty (way for this reason a great many snaryagu army wing in honor banal buckle). Open discharge with protruding shops certainly look “Tacticool” and permit faster recharge, but that's bad luck – in such circumstances, they become clogged with dirt, even if stuck upside down. For many, a surprise, neither AK, AR or do not want to work being clogged with mud up to their ears. Just imagine!
In some exercises, the students were shot at 10-12 shopping in one go. As you might guess – weapons are in such a pretty hot. It shkvorchit and comes steaming in the mud and the rain. In these circumstances, the problem emerges lubrication failure. And even its periodic application – not very helpful. Personally, I use a high-temperature bearing grease (to her, kak na M1 Garandye), for all their trunks. She is standing 3 Daily visits a pound. Many gates from her nose, it is not necessary to shoot. She is not afraid of heat and does not run away like butter. I used it from Iraq to Vancouver and have had no problems.
Glock - 224000 shots of 12 days
pistols, as well as a rifle – They had their own problems. Mud crack found. Glock showed ill, other – even worse. of course, attended by normal wear and tear, expected that, but there have to be more serious damage. Contamination of the students were treated just – rinsing arms in a more or less clean creek. barbarous method, but in such circumstances is not to sentimentality.
There were problems with the AK-moidami, which leads us to believe, that they are not as reliable as we rubbed. Yes, they are good, but every mechanism can be broken. And we broke. A pile of cases, when the mud fell into the chamber. Break the barrel due to dirt nabivsheysya. Burst lining because they were hit by the water and turn the heat into steam. Cut off pin venting tube, broke off a tooth for a shop, and some jumped out of the firing pin spring. There were strange for AK glitches, like sleeve zabivsheysya between the gate and the top cover. And glitch with jams liner managed to get under the gate and jammed it.
The main problem was the shops. For all – clogged meant complete failure continued operation. But some managed to mercilessly glyukovat from fines, scuffing on the walls, etc.. Consider, by the way, that AK-moidy rivet bunch of countries and not all of them are interchangeable. The Chinese are not very well stand on the Romanian, etc. All shops for the AR-15 was digested sucks dirt, but P-mages seem to have proved generally better than others.
so, some practical advice, if you want to keep weapons militant.
1. Cleaning and maintenance. Is not confined to the removal of dirt and soot with weapons cleaning. Check all components for operation. Better to spend a little time in the comfort, than be a useless oar in field.
2. Use thread lock. First of all it refers to accessories. but, one day we lost Eotek, taken away from the weapons, flashlight, and one AK lost the handle. And spare fur. sight was lost without an account.
3. grease. People tend to overdo with the grease gun, and too sweet to grease guns. And yes, gods forbid you to apply grease to the shops, or anvil channel. Follow exactly the instructions, which are set out in the instructions. And regardless of your beliefs – Glock and AK also like lubrication and maintenance.
4. Change the timely return springs. The fact that she was still strong enough to bring back the shutter, does not mean, that it is strong enough to withstand impact without allowing split rails. Yet again – Follow the manufacturer's advice.
5. Get rid if any, or simply do not put – no “improvers accuracy”, recoil buffers and other rubber and plastic in the damn guts. Not only that, they do not work in these conditions, so also are prone to self-destruct at the most inopportune moment,, scoring the guts of your weapons in the most inappropriate places lumps of rubber or plastic. handles “Orthopedic oblip” should pistols with them to throw out the first thing. As well as customized trigger mechanism, the title of which is the word “earmarked” or “sport”.
6. check snaryagu. Even if your only mission – “concealed carry”, check cartridges, the shops, Do not hit by sight, on the spot whether the mobile phone and it was loaded. Generally – every little thing. This is the cheapest life insurance.
(c) SWAT magazine, authored by James Yeager
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