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Syndrome “green zone”.

In recent years 7 very widespread such “disease” among PMC employees, and just foreign military personnel.
It is called simply “Green Zone Syndrome”.
What is it?
The fact is that during military operations the combat zone is divided into several sectors.. Those who are engaged (or just aware of the principles) personal protection and safety, understand what the conversation is about. For the rest, well, in principle, for order, will explain.
Green Zone – zone completely controlled by the military and police occupying forces. For example, in Iraq it is 10 quarter. km. in the center of Baghdad. Civilian employees can stay and work in the area without security or with minimal escort.

Yellow zone – relative safety zone. That is, it is safe for armored vehicles. (including easy), as well as for armored light vehicles during daylight hours. But poses a danger to manpower, during daylight hours due to potential sniper fire, and in the dark because of the likely attack of small mobile enemy groups. Civilian personnel move and work in this area only under heavy guard.
Red zone – active war zone. That is, in this zone there is a constant combat activity of the enemy. Finding a civilian person is considered unacceptable. Maximum in the convoy, passing through this zone. Although, in fact, they try not to even drive convoys through the red zones.

so here, most of “operators” work in the green zone, with rare visits to the yellow. But with all this, they are considered exactly the same participants in hostilities, as well as military personnel from “red zone”. With all this, I must remind, what “operators” appear vanishingly rarely in the red zone. Still, this is not quite their profile.. Most of the appearances of these citizens in such zones end naturally, corpses and burnt vehicles.
Therefore, most “experienced” fighters have very specific experience. More like a guards experience, than the military. But it is they who create the current trends in “military fashion”.

And since the main consumers “tactical equipment” the operators turn out to be, the military can only hang weapons and equipment within the framework of the charter. This is where the fashion for all these “lightweight” vests, bibs, open pouches, and other shit, which those who have real combat experience look with bewilderment bordering on pity.

So if you suddenly see something, what looks ultra-fashionable, and at the same time contradicts common sense, then know, this is also a tribute “Green Zone Syndrome”.

Understand what is involved in escorting convoys and escorting VIPs to quiet places, the whole point of war is not, few can. more precisely, looking, what is produced, vanishingly few people understand…