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Russia is entering the market of private military companies

Расчет — на сотрудничество со странами антизападного лагеря

Russia is seeking to legalize the private military companies, are engaged in subcontracting, as well as security agencies in hotspots, and to enter international markets. The market of private military companies, attracted the attention of the world in 2003 , during the war in Iraq, rapidly expanding. Basically, it presents Western companies. It is assumed, Putin's administration will try to meet the demand in the countries of the anti-Western camp, and apply the private military companies in hotspots, which is difficult to send regular troops.

Law, regarding private military companies, prepare various government groups. Private military companies offer to legalize using state licensing system. The law will determine the content of the activities of such organizations and weapons, they can apply. President Putin has previously spoke positively about these companies. the president said, they are a means to protect the interests of the state without the direct participation of the state. All this allows the experts conclude, that the law could actually be adopted.

According to the bill, submitted to the Duma in October last year, supervision and licensing of private military companies will be engaged in the FSB. The company will be divided into three types: military, security and consulting. They will also deal with the protection of facilities and transportation of material assets, as well as to carry out peacekeeping missions in hot spots outside of Russia.

The number of private military companies has increased dramatically since the Cold War. They have strengthened their influence through the support of anti-terrorist activities of US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq in the 2000s,. This surge of activity was due to mercenaries, that they are much more effective and cheaper charging problem rear. Besides, in the case of the victims of the authorities easier to avoid public censure.

As a result of the confrontation with the West, caused by the Ukrainian crisis, Russia intends to prepare a bill as quickly as possible. Increasingly, voices, talking about, it is necessary to eliminate the backwardness in the field of private military companies.

The annual turnover of this market is 100 billions of dollars. Wherein 75% This turnover is more than 700 Western companies. In Russia there are about 20 private companies of this profile, however, they are mainly engaged in the protection of the oil-producing facilities. There is no clear definition of their legal status.

According to the strategic situation of the Center Director Ivan Konovalov, We can not idly observe the development of private military companies. Konovalov says, that as many countries in the world, claiming to be anti-Western camp, they are happy to invite Russian private companies to strengthen their own troops.

The legislative framework is also needed in connection with the, that Putin's power has been criticized for a military intervention in the affairs of Ukraine. Observers attribute their concerns with the, that if Russia will use private military companies to strengthen military relations with the countries of the anti-Western camp and settlement of conflicts, it may break out a new cold war.

(«Sankei Shimbun», Japan)

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