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The first private military companies in Russia

The first private military companies in Russia

The official legal status of PMCs in Russia still do not have - the bill is under consideration, therefore formally draw the PMC to the solution of certain problems the state has no right to. But despite this, PMCs exist and work successfully, on the territory of the Russian Federation, and beyond.

At the moment, the military domestic companies is not so much. The main market for such services is represented by the following players:


Creators - the professional military, reserve officers of the GRU and the FSB with the command and combat experience. All company activities are based on the observance of the legislation of the Russian Federation and the laws of the countries, in which the company protects the interests of its clients.

The Company is not engaged in mercenary activities and terrorist nature of the counseling organizations, toppling governments, etc.. Tasks performed on the territory of the Russian Federation of private security companies, intelligence activities by a special SCR Agency, and for special / tasks outside the country has a frame unit of reserve officers of different troops.

The most complex tasks are carried out in close conjunction with the New Zealand PMC NavSec Int Ltd. Company services - to perform in high-risk tasks and combat operations to competitive intelligence, legal Support, military consulting and protection of ships.


The Company operates in strict accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation and other states, in the territory of which the services are of different nature.

The list of services includes military activities, the / defense and intelligence, protection of convoys, individuals, gazo- and oil, other objects, konvoirovanie gruzov, legal / legal support, etc..


The company was registered in 1998 year, as an organization, created by former members. employees of the company: about 40 percent - military reserve (intelligence and Special Forces Airborne), yet 40 interest - the military reserve of special / destination units (Rosic, KNIGHT) and 20 percent - GRU veterans, Pennants and Navy.

The company specializes in - training of military personnel, demining work, object protection.

Moran Security Group

This PMC is an international group of companies, that provide services in the field of medical / software, consulting, Protection / Security, freight.

A team of professionals with extensive experience and training is carried out all the work from the ground up and exclusively on the basis of international law and the laws of the Russian Federation.

of services: a convoy of ships and armed escorts, logistics, guarding pipelines and sea ports / platforms, exploration, etc..


It is a military and trade union organizations of the Russian military (and not only) of special / destination troops, and VDV. The company was founded in 2008, a group of scouts and paratroopers veterans (SIA, marine special forces, VDV and GRU, MVD).

Every employee has the combat experience and is a member of the special / operations and peacemaking operations.

PMC experience - work in Iraq and Syria, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan, as well as other hotspots. Company Services: safety and security, certification of specialists to provide these services, training groups bodyguard, coaching specialists before trip demining, WP protection requirements according to the UN, etc..

Tiger Top Rent Security

Founded in 2005, the year in order to conduct operations in Iraq. This PMC split in 2006, after which it was created independently by individual employees of PMCs, known, how Redut-Antiterror, Feraks, Phoenix and Moran Security Group.

PMC Tiger Top rents security (a takje Oryol anti-terror) not inferior to the professionalism of the staff of the US and UK counterparts. Of the company's employees performed tasks from 2004 to 2007 - escort convoys, protection of military facilities, as well as security personnel of oil companies and Russian diplomats, mission in Lebanon and Israel, in Palestine and Afghanistan.

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